June 1st, 2018

This was one fun and exciting project

We wrapped a 23.5 Stock Slider Container Chassis up for our new Headquarters in South Gate California, to serve as the centrepiece of our main staircase.

Design it just right.

Getting the design right was one of the most difficult parts. We did so many different placement mock-ups and pattern changes until we decided to go with the "layered" pattern so that as you ascend up our staircase you get to view all of the different patterns instead of hiding them away in a different layout.

Fully Functional Chassis

The great thing about the chassis is that it's still fully functioning! Except for it being welded into the floor, its still has working Lights, PSI System & Landing Legs. Installing the chassis was one of the most exciting things we got to witness.

Installation: Succesful!

We worked with crane, 2 forklifts and about 6 guys to make sure that our installation was safe, compliant and ready for finishing touches. We currently plan to be finished with our new HQ by end of 2018. We will have updated pictures soon!

You've never seen a chassis like this.